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Contribute towards the collection of Treasure Junk Museum by Roxette Capriles (CW, 1993) inside Het HEM and fill the now empty museum shelves with treasures made from junk.

On the occasion of CHAPTER 1NE, Roxette Capriles built this museum for the spaces of Het HEM where she is showing sculptures made from cheap objects often found on the streets.

Making something from nothing is the basic principle of Roxette Capriles’ artistic practice. The origin can be found in her youth. In her grandmother’s house, Capriles became fascinated by the abundance of Roman-Catholic sculptures and the properties ascribed to them that were not inherent to the object itself. This principle of animism became a recurring principle in her practice, in which she preferably works with discarded items or junk from 1-euro stores. ‘By giving value to the things around us we are able to change our environment in a positive way’, says the artist.

During the Do-Something-Sundays workshops on 4 August and 1 September, she invites visitors to join her in creating new sculptures to be shown in the museum.

The Do-Something-Sundays workshop on 4 August is free of charge. Reserve your free tickets on our website. Entry to Chapter 1NE Edson Sabajo & Guillaume Schmidt exhibition is € 10.

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