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Chapter 2WO offers an insight into the world of Chilean artist and musician Nicolas Jaar. Together with his Shock Forest Group, Jaar will conduct research into Het HEM, from which the site’s historical, sociological, and biological data will serve as the source material for a sound piece that is both about and from the location where it is played.
Throughout the programme, research results will be presented in the shape of lectures, performances, live concerts, explorations and readings by Nicolás Jaar, The Shock Forest Group and other guests. Keep an eye on this event for all public activities within the Chapter.
More information and tickets on www.hethem.nl

From September 19 sound and light installations inside the building will consider the non-representational and immaterial presence of sound.
Daily, from noon, Het HEM will open with Phase Transitions, a new sound environment by Nicolás Jaar, which will be experienced upon entering the building. Jaar’s installation Incomprehensible Sun will be located in the former 200-meter shooting range, underneath the building. This installation questions how it could be to walk through a piece of music, with its rhythm and duration determined by the speed and direction in which the visitor walks.

From October 17 onwards a joint installation by Vincent de Belleval and Nicolás Jaar, Retaining the Energy, but Losing the Image will open in the exhibition space. The installation will concentrate on sound, which (like light) has a source and yet spreads all around us. More info TBA.

Chapter 2WO will be on view from September 19 –December 1
Het HEM is open Thursday – Sunday, Noon – Midnight


CHAPTER 2WO Nicolás Jaar and the Shock Forest Group is supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund

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