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DJ & Drawing by Jonas Ohlsson & vinger.nl

A performative workshop about thinking, loving and playing together
Jonas Ohlsson believes in the meditative power of drawing together. In this event he introduces his palette of doing & thinking, of play and togetherness. Visitors are invited to draw collectively on giant paper scrolls, against the backdrop of words and music. Expect naked paper, brushes and ink that are full of desire, pumping DJ sets and experimental MCs.

Leave your skills at the door, abandon all preconceptions and let the beats and the crayons carry you away in this collective drawing session.

The workshop takes place at the Boksclinic / Neck of the Woods installation by Gabriel Lester, 1st floor.

Entry to CHAPTER 1NE exhibition: Edson Sabajo & Guillaume Schmidt is € 10 (Free for children up to 18 years). The workshop is free of charge upon presentation of your exhibition ticket.

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