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Nicolás Jaar has invited the core members of Bladerunner – an improvising collective with origins in New York City – to join him for a four-day residency in the Dynamic Range Music Bar.
Featuring Dave Harrington on bass/synth, Will Epstein on saxophone, Tlacael Esparza on drums and Nicolás Jaar on piano/electronics, the group will improvise by day and perform unique sets by night.

After various residencies in New York, Bladerunner will make its debut in Europe at Het HEM and play in the intimate setting of the Dynamic Range Music Bar with its state-of-the-art sound system.

October 10 / 19:30 / http://bit.ly/1BladerunnerOct10
October 10 / 22:30 / http://bit.ly/2BladerunnerOct10

October 11 / 19:30 / http://bit.ly/1BladerunnerOct11
October 11 / 22:30 / http://bit.ly/2BladerunnerOct11

October 12 / 19:30 / http://bit.ly/1BladerunnerOct12
October 12 / 22:30 / http://bit.ly/2BladerunnerOct12

October 13 / 19:30 / http://bit.ly/1BladerunnerOct13
October 13 / 22:30 / http://bit.ly/2BladerunnerOct13

Tickets: €10,- (excluding entrance to the Chapter exhibition).
Would you like to visit the exhibition in addition to the concert? Buy an entry ticket for the Chapter and reserve a timeslot for Incomprehensible Sun or at the counter.

You can reach us by ferry, bike, bus or by car. http://bit.ly/2nMx3NP

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